Estate planning

    Providing liquidity for estate duty, executor’s fees, property/asset transfer costs, and funeral costs upon death.

    Providing an income for dependents upon death.

    Settlement of debt upon death

Illness and disability cover

    Illness benefits cover financial shortfalls that are not covered by your medical Aid. The proceeds can be used at your discretion. E.g. Medical procedures, surgery not covered by your medical aid, additional payments towards your home loan, recuperation costs or a holiday.

    Permanent Disability Cover provides for your debt if you’ve suffered an injury or illness to the extent that you are unable to return to work and carry on daily work activities.

Income Disability benefits

    Income Disability benefits, also known as Income Protection benefits or Sickness and Incapacity cover, replaces your income in the event of an illness or disability that restricts you from carrying on your daily work activities

    Income Protection provides for temporary and permanent disabilities by replacing your income until your desired age of retirement.

Longevity Protection

    Protects you against the risk of outliving your retirement savings by providing you with additional lump sum payments in the event of illness or disability.

Retirement Annuity savings

Flexible savings plans

Fixed monthly savings

Lump sum savings

Pre retirement savings

Group pension/provident fund savings

Pension/Provident preservation plans

Traditional Annuity income plans

Retirement Income plans